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Summer 2022

June 23, 2022 2 min read

Summer 2022
From warming up, to cooling down and everything in between. That was the idea our in-house experts had when curating this Performance Edition. Featured fast-acting supplements and consumables to fuel your workouts, premium apparel that will keep up with even your toughest programming & exclusive mobility equipment to keep your body feeling great.

Featured Brands & Products:

Biker Shorts
Meet the ultimate short for function & form: the Nikki Font Biker Short. Made with a cotton mix, stretch fabrics, lace & spandex. Features a high wait, moisture-wicking technology with 4-way stretch that moves with you. Perfect for training or everyday wear.
$42 value

Feed Me Fight Me
Endurance Shorts
The Endurance Shorts are composed of lightweight material that moves with you. These shorts have a 7" inseam and are constructed with dual side pockets for easy storage and a mesh insert for breathability and extra support.
$42 value

FitTech Sport
Mobility Roller
One of the best recovery tools to treat muscle pain, inrease performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after exercising is great for warming up and cooling down. It increases blood flow to the massage sit, flushing away stored lactic acid. Perfect for recovery massages at home or in the gym.
$40 value

Energy Performance
Powered by Cordyceps and Maitake mushrooms, and enhanced with potent ingredients like Guarana, Green Tea Extract, and Panax Ginseng, the natural formula will ramp up your body's natural energy production. No crash. No Jitters. Just peak performance all day long.
$49.95 value

Travel Mug
Featured double wall vaccum insulation technology, keeping your favorite beverages hot for 3+ hours or cold for 9+ hours. Each mug is powder coated for a durable finish, no scratching, peeling or fading. Perfect for keeping our favorite drinks on-hand.
$28 value

Focusaid Go 6-Pack
FOCUSAID GO packets have key vitamins & nutrients - like brain-boosting Nootropics and 100mg of natural caffeine - for the natural energy and focus your mind and body need to power through the day, with zero sugar. Just add water and you're ready to GO! Perfect for wherever life takes you.
$8.57 value

Vooz Blackberry Blitz
Experience the sensation of VOOZ, the industry standard in sports hydration. Treat your thirst to a refreshing solution fused with electrolytes and ketones. Powered by zinc and other immune-hboosting properties. vOOZ helps you replenish and rehydrate at any moment of your day.
$2.25 value

Pristine Protein Bar
New Bang Bars are the perfect treat for anyone's nutrition regimen. The dynamic snack bars maintain an essential balance of natural ingrredients and 20g of the highest quality protein with no artificla sweetners or colors, seed or vegetable oils, nor nuts or gluten.
$2.99 value

Vitamin Energy
Immune, Mood, and Focus
Convenient liquid shots packed with vitamins & nutrients supplying your system with over 7 hours of clean energy while support your immune system, elevating your mood and giving you focus & brain clarity.
$8.57 value