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Spring 2022

June 23, 2022 2 min read

Spring 2022
FYR (female)
Aspen Sports Bra
Cropped above the waist to pair perfectly with any high-waisted bottoms. Built-in bra for added support with removale padded cups with a strong racerback cut to ensure you can move confidently.
$40 value

FYR (male)
Benchmark Reversible Tank
The Benchmark Reversible Muscle Tank is the first custom creation from the FYR Men's line. Designed with performance driven materials and a relaxed fit, lightweight, fitted stretch.
$35 value

Bear KompleX
Hip Igniter
Used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up. Simply put the circle around your knees and go for a long stride walk - forward, backward, and side to side. Perfect tool for added mobility and improved performance.
$19.99 value

Always Ready Bag
Premium duffle bag that's compact enough to keep in your car and large enough to hold all of your adventure essentials. Features metal clips, mesh interal organizer, water bottle pouch and lightweight design.
$65 value

Protein Bars
Easy & delectable way to give your body the protein it needs to help build and retian muscle. Helps satisfy cravings & provides the nutrition you need to stay focused and on track to acheive your fitness and/or snack-time goals.
$3 value

Hydra-Charge Amped
Formulated for performance and packaged for convenience, Hydra-Charge Amped delivers a healthier burst of energy, while keeping you hydrated. Amp-up your performance with Hydra-Charge Amped.
$24.99 value

FitTech Sport
Speed Rope
Built for speed, this lightweight speed rope gets your heart rate going before and/or during workouts. Compact to fit perfectly in your gym bag. Features knurled handles for a non-slip grip.
$28 value

Cashew Coconut
At just 120 calories, these SuperBites are a clean, nutrient-dense organic snack bar that's also gluten-free & vegan. Perfect for stress-free snacking, anytime of day.
$1.75 value

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
These SuperBites are scored into 5 bite-size pieces for perfectly portioned snacking. Features plant protein from nuts and seeds, like chia and flax, packed with good fats, fiber and healthy omegas.
$3.29 value

Cherry Limeaid
Your favorite classic limeade with a delicious mix of wild cherry flavor with zero sugar and no artificial flavors or colors. Bursting with bold natural cherry lime flavor and low calories.
$3 value

Energy Gummies
World's first energy shot in a gummy featuring 75mg of powerful, long-lasting plant-based energy. Each pouch contains 3 gummies and each energy chew provides you with 75mg of naturally-derived caffeine.
$10 value