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Ascent Whey Protein


Ascent’s Native Fuel® Chocolate Whey protein is a convenient and easy-to-mix powder that was created with one purpose in mind: to help improve your athletic performance. A single scoop of Ascent whey delivers 25 grams of clean, fast-digesting protein to help your muscles recover from intense workouts.

We’re not talking about just any chocolate protein, either — Ascent Native Chocolate Fuel is made with native whey, the least processed whey protein available today. Our Chocolate Whey Protein powder uses real cocoa, so it even tastes great when you mix it with water.

But, serious athletes know that post-workout recovery requires more than protein. Our chocolate protein powders also include 2.7g of naturally occurring Leucine, an amount that helps trigger muscle protein synthesis.

Whether you’re mixing up a post-workout Chocolate drink or adding some extra protein to your favorite recipes, this Chocolate Whey powder can help improve muscle recovery after your workouts. It’s no replacement for hard work and dedication, but it’s a great addition.